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Is Milk Good For Your Cat?

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Is Milk Good For Your Cat?

Pet owner watching her cat drink milk

Is Milk Good for Your Cat? Our Issaquah Veterinarian Has The Answer!

There's a misconception when it comes to the health of your feline. When you have a cat in your home, you want to provide the right foods for their well-being. A not-so-uncommon cause that our cat vet sees when cats come into our veterinary hospital with weight or stomach issues, is the consumption of inappropriate foods and the ill-effects on the cat's well-being.

Should Cats Drink Milk?

As a rule, milk is bad for your cat's health. The misconception that milk is good for a cat stems from inaccurate media portrayals of cats drinking milk in movies and cartoons. When you bring your cat to Meadows Cat Hospital for treatment after they drink milk, our veterinarian will help you find a solution to avoid this and similar situations in the future.

Potential Health Risks of Milk

At our treatment center, we offer care to cats in Sammamish, Bellevue and the East Seattle area. We recognize that your pet may get into milk or a child in your family may mistakenly give your pet milk. The common risk of giving your pet milk is lactose intolerance and resultant digestive upset. Most cats are intolerant of lactose and the casein found in cow's milk. That causes digestive health concerns and may harm your pet's long-term well-being if they continue untreated. Also, our trained vets can help you identify if this is a matter of simple lactose intolerance or if there are other food allergies lurking in your kitty's diet. 

When to Visit our Cat Clinic

When you notice that your pet is showing signs of digestive distress, you want to visit our veterinary clinic in Issaquah. In our cat-only clinic, we help you clarify the cause of your pet's behavior or intestinal upset and we treat the fall-out from lactose intolerance. We also ensure that you recognize when the cause of your pet's symptoms stem from drinking milk so you can take measures to prevent your pet's exposure to this or other possible digestive triggers. 

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To learn more about treatments for cat digestive issues, vomiting or diarrhea, or for an appointment and even just to ask us questions, call or e-mail our family owned cat-clinic in Issaquah at (425) 392-8770 or today.