Digital X-rays

One of the most important diagnostic tools in a feline veterinary hospital are x-rays (radiographs). Cat x-rays/radiographs are an extremely valuable asset whose utility goes far beyond diagnosing skeletal issues. At Meadows Cat Hospital, we use advanced high resolution digital x-rays of your cat's anatomy and a modern high-frequency x-ray generator to obtain the clearest images possible of your cat's soft tissues. These crisp x-ray views allow us to diagnose feline ailments like asthma, infections, IBD, lymphoma, masses, obstructions, cancer, etc. earlier and with better accuracy. As Issaquah's premiere and only cat hospital, we have moved beyond poorly resolving film-based technologies and have made substantial investments in digitization of all aspects of our feline x-rays/radiology. We use the highest resolution DR based systems that eclipse the quality of many other CR-based digital x-ray systems. In addition, the sensitivity and quality of these x-rays allow us to obtain cat x-rays quicker (minimizing stress to your feline) and with minimal x-ray exposure to your cat.

Even with digital full-body feline x-rays, a cat radiograph is only as good as the doctor interpreting it. Dr. Laura George has over a decade of advanced x-ray interpretation and Meadows Cat Hospital now has access to expert second opinions within minutes when needed.