Specialty Boarding

"Distinguished boarding for the distinguishing feline"

At Meadows Cat Hospital we offer a boarding experience that is unparalleled when compared to most boarding and pet hotels. With on-call veterinary technicians or doctors, your cat is never far from treatment should the need arise.

Since we limit our boarding capacity, we make every effort to maximize the amount of time your fur baby spend out of the enclosure. Due to our low capacity, many of boarders are allowed one-on-one time with our staff and can roam and socialize during slow clinic hours, evenings or lunch hours. We accommodate many boarding preferences including personal diets, (up-to) bi-daily feeding schedules, bedding, litter, etc.

Although our prices are higher than traditional dedicated boarders, we offer medical treatments including medication such as administered pills, liquids, prescription diets, insulin, and other medical care/treatments during boarding, and also will do exams or surgical/dental procedures while boarding (when requested or by permission). Our boarding experience is centered on providing a pleasant environment, enriching atmosphere/activities and exquisite medical care.

Through our use of Feliway pheromone products (when necessary), catnip and social interaction, owner's scent, and familiar bedding, we try to ease your feline's adjustment to the boarding environment. If your feline doesn't eat, is stressed and/or isn't drinking, we make every effort medically (with your permission and in appropriate cases) to help by providing medical management (fluids, prescription appetite stimulants, etc.) all designed to help your feline adjust.