Surgical Offerings

"Safer surgeries and steadfast hands"

At Meadows cat hospital, we are fortunate to have a doctor with over a decade of feline surgical experience. During her tenure as medical director and prior to Meadows Cat Hospital, Dr. George mentored and developed the surgical skills of dozens of new and seasoned doctors. This experience and her roots at a rural Wisconsin clinic (where there was limited access to referral and emergency clinics), means Dr. George has significant, independent and advanced feline surgical experience.

With the arrival of Dr. George to the clinic, we now offer a full suite of feline surgical capabilities including routine cat spay, in-heat spay, pyometra spay, cat neuters, cryptorchid neuter, cherry eye repair, enucleation (eye removal), amputation/partial amputation, perineal uretchrostomy (PU surgery), abdominal exploratory, cystotomy, mass removal, intestinal biopsy, surgical liver biopsy, maxillofacial surgery, ear hematoma repair and laceration repair.

Prior to our cat surgeries, we recommend economic pre-anesthetic blood-work which allows us to determine if your cat is healthy enough for anesthesia. During the procedure, we use proven, safe and modern human-grade pre-anesthetics and gas anesthetics for our surgical procedures. During our feline surgical procedures, vital monitoring is done with only certified veterinarian technicians and we recommend administration of intravenous fluids for all cat surgeries. After our surgery, we provide your feline with short-term oral and/or long-term injectable pain management options for post-surgical care.