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Safe dental care at Meadows Cat Hospital

Meadows Cat Hospital Offers Safe Dental Care

Like humans, cats need healthy teeth to ensure they can get sufficient nutrition. In addition, research shows that, like people, the bacteria that grow on uncleaned teeth can travel throughout the body and can cause kidney, heart and liver problems. Regular teeth cleaning at your Issaquah veterinarian can prevent these problems and ensure that your cat has the best chance to enjoy good health throughout its life.

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Caring For Your Cat’s Teeth

Veterinary experts recommend you clean your cat’s teeth several times each week with a pet toothbrush and specially formulated toothpaste for felines. This task is easier to accomplish if you have brushed your cat’s teeth since kittenhood. However, you may be able to initiate the habit if you take a gentle and gradual approach, allowing the animal to lick the toothpaste from your finger and getting it accustomed to the toothbrush before actually attempting cleaning. Some cats will not accept tooth brushing, and owners may have to rely on dental-cleaning foods or chew-type products. These options can be a good alternative for regular brushing, along with cleaning at the clinic by your vet.

Some Cats Are More Susceptible To Dental Problems

Some evidence indicates that a number of cat breeds may be more susceptible to dental decay and gum disease than others. Siamese, Abyssinian, Persians, Maine Coons, and Somali cats are at highest risk for dental issues. If your cat is one of these breeds, or have these breeds in its mixture, you should take particular care of his or her teeth to prevent more serious problems in later years.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Techniques for Feline Dental Care

At Meadows Cat Hospital, we use rapid digital x-ray equipment that provides a complete view of the animal’s teeth, both below the gum line and into the jaw, to ensure the most thorough care for your cat’s teeth. We administer only the safest, highest quality anesthetic to ensure your cat’s comfort during teeth cleaning. We also use a pre-cleaning sedative, to relax your pet and to allow the minimum anesthetic for a quick post-cleaning recovery. These measures ensure that the procedure is done safely, with a minimum of distress for your cat.

Make Meadows Cat Hospital Your Choice For Veterinary Dental Care

Dr. George and the experienced staff at Meadows Cat Hospital are committed to the compassionate care of patients in Issaquah, WA, Sammamish, Bellevue, and other communities in the East Seattle area. We can provide quality dental care at our veterinary center to ensure that cats avoid problems that can affect eating and general health. Call Meadows Cat Hospital today at 425-392-8770 for an appointment to have your cat’s health cleaned and examined for better health.