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Specialty Cat Boarding with our Issaquah Veterinarian


Are you an existing client looking for medical care and boarding or lodging for your cat? If you are traveling and don't want the hassle of finding a pet sitter or a relative to look after your cat or if your cat has unique medical needs, our cats-only boarding center may be the answer. Here at Meadows Cat Hospital, we not only offer the best in veterinary care, we also offer cat boarding services so you can rest assured when leaving your feline companion.

The Benefits of Using our Veterinary Hospital to Board your Feline

Our state of the art veterinary clinic is fully-equipped and staffed with doctors onsite M-S and on-call on Sunday. Typically, boarding kennels don't have an on-staff veterinarian, so if your pet gets ill, they have to bring it to a vet or worse, subtle health cues (such as decreased appetite, weight loss or dehydration) may be missed. By choosing our cat hospital to board your pet, you can rest-assured that your cat will receive the highest quality of veterinary care and attention while boarding.

Our cat boarding facility is a newly-renovated addition to the hospital with new and spacious kennels that offer plenty of room to play, socialize and relax. The environment is safe and stimulating. Each cat is given individualized care and often receives one-on-one interaction with dedicated staff. This personalized care is due to keeping fewer cats at a time. This insures that your pet doesn't get lost in the shuffle. In addition, the food intake, water intake and activity/condition of your pet is carefully monitored and if we suspect a problem we can take action early possibly preventing much larger issues.   

How our Issaquah Veterinary Hospital Cares for Your Cat

We offer specialized care at our facility which has designed to help your cat acclimate to the environment with as little stress as possible. For example, we use Feliway pheromone products, catnip, familiar bedding and social interaction to help your pet relax and feel at home. We go out of our way to attend to his or her needs and when possible, cats spend quite a bit of downtime out  of the kennel and sometimes get to socialize in the hospital itself.

We can accommodate special dietary needs, most medical needs and routines. Should your cat display any signs of illness or injury, our staff will immediately treat and assist it, with your permission. This level of care allows pet owners to relax when they are away from home, feeling secure about the safety and well-being of their animal.

Cat Boarding done safely (our policies)

To protect your pet and due to the unique medical needs of many of our boarding cats, we have adopted policies that exceed all state requirements and those typical of boarders in the Issaquah/Sammamish/Bellevue area. As of February 2022, we are only boarding cats with a primary medical relationship with our doctor team. This means our doctors see your cats for medical workups and routine annual exams. For existing clients, this means annual exams, vaccines, etc. must be up-to-date prior to the date of boarding.  

All cats that enter our boarding facility are asked to be up-to-date on rabies and FVRCP/feline distemper vaccines. We ask that your kitty have passed a recent fecal/giardia test (within 60 days of boarding) and that your kitty is protected from fleas (with a prescription or OTC product) throughout the stay. If your kitty is in need of any of these treatments or tests, we can always do flea treatments or fecals when they board with us. Any needed exams must be done prior to the boarding stay and include annual care. This is to ensure your kitty is getting the most advanced and thorough veterinary care while in our boarding facility and foremost leaves the hospital healthier than they arrived. We as that you bring enough of your kitty's food for the stay to minimize intestinal issues due to abrupt food transitions. We gladly offer (for a small fee) a prescription intestinal diet for boarders in the case you do not bring food. This intestinal diet is designed to minimize stomach upset due to abrupt food transitions.

Board Your Cat with Meadows Cat Hospital

If you are in the Issaquah, Bellevue, Sammamish, East Seattle or a nearby area, contact us at Meadows Cat Hospital to learn more about our boarding facility and all we that have to offer. In addition, come see us for all of your other veterinary needs. We are a full-service hospital and provide routine, preventative and comprehensive emergency care for felines. Because we focus only on cats, we have a high level of specialized knowledge and experience to ensure your feline is healthy, happy and well-taken care of. We are a family-owned and operated business, contact us today to set up an appointment at 425-392-8770.