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Cat Surgery

Surgical Offerings at Meadows Cat Hospital in Issaquah

If you are seeking veterinary care for your pet or they require one of the common feline surgeries such as spaying and neutering, please visit the Meadows Cat Hospital located in Issaquah. We serve the East Seattle area including Bellevue and Sammamish. Our state-of-the-art vet center is a full-service clinic that provides professional and compassionate care to your pet before, during and after surgery. We utilize advanced techniques and medications to ensure the health and safety of your pet during the procedure and provide comprehensive care to ensure a full and speedy recovery. With over 12 years of experience performing feline surgeries, Dr. George is sure to provide exceptional care to you and your pet.

Veterinarian with cat before cat surgery

Safe Anesthesia

Due to the small size of most domestic cats, the importance of safe anesthesia becomes even greater. Our staff is fully trained and knowledgeable of the techniques that are necessary for safe surgery. Modern veterinarian anesthesia includes human-grade pre-anesthetics as well as gas-anesthesia. We believe that safety comes first with any procedure, especially those that require anesthesia. We monitor your pet throughout the entire process and administer fluids intravenously to ensure a safe and healthy recovery. Post-surgery we provide pain management via IV and oral methods and will transition them to a pain management protocol that can be provided to them at home.

Common Cat Surgeries

Whether your cat requires routine or emergency surgery, our staff is equipped to provide these services for your beloved family pet. In addition to routine surgery to spay or neuter your pet, there may be other instances where your cat may require a surgical operation. Our veterinary staff is experienced in the following procedures and more:

  • Routine spay and neuter
  • In-heat spaying
  • Pyometra spaying
  • Cryptorchid neutering
  • Cherry eye repair
  • Enucleation (eye removal)
  • Amputation and partial amputation
  • Perineal urethrectomy (PU surgery)
  • Abdominal exploratory surgery
  • Cystotomy
  • Mass removal
  • Intestinal biopsy
  • Surgical liver biopsy
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Ear hematoma repair
  • Laceration repair

We begin our care for your pet with pre-operative bloodwork to ensure that they are healthy enough to withstand and recover from the surgery. We will guide you through the entire process, as our staff believes is full-communication with our patients' families. If your pet requires either routine or emergency surgery trust the vets at Meadows Cat Hospital to provide the necessary treatment for safe and effective procedures as well as a full recovery.

Visit Meadows Cat Hospital in Issaquah for Complete Care for Your Cat

If you need veterinary services in the East Seattle areas of Bellevue, or Sammamish, Issaquah's Meadows Cat Hospital is here for you. Our clinic is fully equipped to provide feline surgery and recuperation services. Please call our vet center today at 425-392-8770 to schedule a consultation. Our clinic is conveniently located at 1480 NW Gilman Boulevard, Suite 6 in Issaquah.