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Prevention and Medicine

"You may add years to the life of your feline and also save yourself unexpected financial costs"

The old adage that prevention is worth a pound of cure, couldn't be more true for your feline... At Meadows Cat Hospital, we offer a full range of feline diagnostic tests, blood-work, comprehensive exams, flea and parasite preventatives, medical and dental care that are geared towards early detection and prevention of feline illness. In addition to in-clinic care, we offer a full suite of free advice (via our website and informational blog) geared toward helping you identify problems early and possibly prevent them. Such measures can include recommending a diet that is ideally suited for a carnivore like a cat (as there is a substantial body of evidence that high quality high protein diets can maintain proper muscle mass), advice and dietary guidance for urinary health and general feline health recommendations.

Important annual or biannual feline diagnostics can include routine urinalyses and kidney panels (where we look at the condition of your kitty's urine and the blood levels of important indicators of kidney health), routine fecals (recommended yearly but more often in indoor-outdoor cats), thyroid or diabetic panels (in the case of weight loss, gain, etc.), liver enzyme values, etc. Even in the young and healthy, it's often a surprise what indicators of trouble we find and can act on to prevent serious and sometimes life-threatening problems.

You have our commitment that we will always recommend what your feline needs, no more, no less. We take the time, in the cat clinic and the exam room, to explain all of our treatments and recommendations in a no pressure atmosphere. Even with a limited budget, we will work with you and prioritize those treatments that are most necessary.