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safe nail trims and grooming at Meadows Cat Hospital

Our cat clinic, hospital and boarding facilities offer safe feline grooming and nail trim services to our clients and their fur baby patients at competitive pricing. We aim to provide a stress-free experience while also helping you monitor weight and condition changes to your pet. This is truly nail trims and grooming with a focus on the health and wellness of your pet. We routinely perform comb-outs, nail trims and mat-removals. Should your kitty have extensive mats, need medical attention due to ingrown nails and/or have stress issues which make nail trims and grooming potentially unsafe (for them),  we also provide medical treatments, monitoring and (if needed) the safest sedation protocols with one of our highly trained and compassionate veterinarians. For all your routine needs, we can do simple comb-outs, sanitary clips, lion cuts and basic artistic clips/shaves. We ask that all grooming and/or nail trim patients be up-to-date on an annual exam and rabies vaccines at our hospital. Call our hospital at 425-392-8770 to inquire about pricing and/or veterinary service details!