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When your cats need advanced feline veterinary care that includes not only simple pet checkups, annual exams, boarding and behavior clinics but includes diagnostic testing, emergency feline medicine and surgery, we seek out cat hospitals. Meadows Cat Hospital was founded with this idealized vision of an advanced cat clinic in mind. Our cat hospital has technology, surgical offerings, advanced dentistry, feline urgent care, cat emergency services and surgical treatments some of which are not offered at other Issaquah cat clinics or other area veterinary clinics. Much of our broader offerings (as of February 2017), come from our seasoned Medical Director and Chief cat vet. who has substantial and broad feline veterinary training from her roots at a rural veterinary clinic where she honed her skills in the absence of a convenient emergency or referral practice. Like her mentors, Dr. George sought out the advanced veterinary training to confidently and safely perform these procedures out of necessity. This means we can offer feline emergency and feline internal medicine services at traditional cat clinic prices.

Examining your pets at our Issaquah, WA cat clinic

Although hospitals can be viewed as cold sterile places, Dr. George and her husband are trying to pioneer a family-owned & family-focused yet advanced vet hospital that doesn't forgo the calming environment of a cozy cat clinic or small family-owned vet clinic. In addition to the cat-preferred ambiance of our clinic, we also offer a tailored and cozy cat-only boarding experience and more advanced feline urgent veterinary care. This means we are full service and can serve as both your emergency vet and your regular vet for follow-up.