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Our veterinarians focus solely on the unique physiology and veterinary care of your cat. The cat vets of Meadows Cat Hospital believe that focusing on the exclusive needs of felines helps us provide both better feline veterinary care, modernized treatments and mastery of the art of feline stress reduction (both in the veterinary clinic and outside of it). Our advanced cat clinic champions that feline-focused veterinarians become proficient in the often minor (but hugely important) physiologic and behavioral differences unique to felines. This means more accurate diagnoses, effective preventative veterinary care, safer/modern feline-appropriate surgical and medical treatments and better behavioral outcomes. Put simply, we just "get" cats and understand their intricate and often fickle preferences and physiology.

Cats only veterinary center

In addition to our veterinarians' and technicians' knowledge base, every aspect of our veterinary hospital is designed to decrease the stress on your feline and ease the transition from your home to our clinic. We have installed (unique to all other cat clinics or veterinarians in the area) dimmable feline-appropriate lighting and Feliway diffusers (pheromone-based stress relief) through the cat clinic and strictly forbid the presence of dogs by smell or sound. We firmly believe that a mixed animal practice with separate entrances (dogs on one side, cats on another) does nothing to separate the presence, smell and sounds between species. The type of stress added when cats smell or hear dogs (no offense, pups!) can have dramatic effects on their bloodwork necessitating further testing to rule-out diabetes, etc.