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Meadows Cat Hospital now offers high resolution digital radiographs (cat x-rays). Feline x-rays are often use to look for masses/cancer, asthma, infection, bone breaks, bowel impaction/foreign bodies, uriliths, etc. This new technology allows us to get a clearer and quicker (when minutes may matter) view of your feline's internal anatomy than ever before. Clearer views of your felines' anatomy allow us to diagnose earlier and with more certainty. We use industry-leading cutting-edge DR-based technology with exquisite sensitivity allowing us to use far less radiation than would be typically used with older film-based technologies. This is safer for us and for your feline.

X-rays at Meadows Cat Hospital

An x-ray is only as good as the people taking them and the feline veterinarian who interprets them. Our technicians are highly skilled at getting good x-rays and our chief veterinarian has over 13 years of radiology experience including taking and interpreting feline x-rays. When necessary, we have rapid access to expert radiologists (often within minutes) who can further assist with tricky interpretations.