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In all cat clinics and cat hospitals, feline veterinary care is always shared between the feline veterinarian and the technician team. Technicians and assistants are fundamental first responders whom answer your important feline veterinary care questions and prioritize how we book your cat's veterinary appointment. At Meadows Cat hospital, we are fortunate to employ highly-trained and licensed veterinary technicians (LVTs) and trained assistants. Together, the LVTs of Meadows Cat Hospital have decades of cat clinic and veterinary care experience. Uniquely, this means that the technician helping you on the phone or taking your call has the training and knowledge to answer your questions, educate you (if necessary) and expedite treatment/appointments. Uniquely, we are also able to offer highly-qualified veterinary care during technician appointments (saving you money with no sacrifice in quality) that might only be possible with exam fees when LVTs aren't present. Having such a highly trained technician team, also means that our LVTs help spot feline health problems in even routine visits for nail trims or grooming that might be missed by less experienced technicians or staff. In addition, our LVTs can start emergency treatment (with the doctor's guidance) earlier thus saving valuable time when every minute counts. Less trained staff might struggle without the rigorous training and composure that comes along with it.

In addition to our technicians and assistants, we have an onsite doctorate-level biochemist and laboratory supervisor with decades of research experience. He works with our feline veterinarian to ensure modern up-to-date medical treatments and top-notch feline veterinary care education.