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These are client (pet parent) testimonials and reviews from multiple review websites that offer you a snapshot into the veterinary care quality and medical expertise of our cat veterinarians and support staff at Meadows Cat Hospital.

From "Suzi S." and yelp:

"Dr George, Nick, and the entire staff have provided my cat with exceptional care, she's been a regular in an effort to stabilise her many conditions.  She's been boarded many times and during a snowstorm they took her to their home so she wouldn't be without her meds as roads got worse.  Above and beyond!"

From "Kyra H." and yelp:

"great family run business! Laura and Nicholas will treat your cat like your own. always available to help w cat troubles even behavioral issues too. love how helpful and down to earth this clinic is. My cat and I love the whole staff! my kitty loves it!"

From "Tyme I."' and yelp:

"Just moved to Issaquah with our tabby who got sick in June2016. Unfortunately she died on the way to the hospital, my wife in tears. The staff was genuinely compassionate and sympathetic for our loss and helped us thru that very sad event. Since then we adopted a 6 yr old cat that had behavioral issues which we consulted with Nick, the practice manager and Dr. George. The service and help we received was exceptional. Nick spent a great deal of time counseling us on a wide range of steps we could take to get control over cat's issues, he even stayed passed closing hours to help us one evening which we really appreciated. His enthusiasm is admirable and very obvious when we worked with him. Our cat is getting better with each passing day."

From "Jeff N." and yelp:

"I just moved into town and it was the end for my cat Boot's. Dr George was so compassionate and she didn't even know my cat. I'm so thankful she was their at the end for my dear 20 year old cat. If you have a precious cat who needs care you can count on Dr. George and in my case, her husband to take care of them."

From "Patricia D." and yelp:

"Meadows Cat Hospital is absolutely the BEST for your feline babies. Dr Laura George and Dr Nick (who maintains the practice--appointments, questions etc) could not be more compassionate and professional with your babies. Although Meadows has only been open under their care for a few weeks, there is no better place. I recently took my 11 year old Tonkinese male for a dental exam and despite extraction of four teeth, he was literally back on his feet the very next day eating and playing as if nothing had been done. I have two more scheduled for dental exams, a 11 year old Tonkinese female and a year and a half Siamese male. I have no doubts that they will do equally as well under Dr George's care. I can only say Dr Laura George, Dr Nick and staff are the BEST and only aim to please and provide your furballs with the utmost care!"

From "Mekachu M." and yelp:

"I am so grateful to Dr Laura George and Nicholas George PhD for their expertise, deep compassion and care. Fafnir's last days were numbered, and he was just getting worse after an abscess made his condition much, much worse. The treatment would have been extremely unkind, and he was ready to go. I want to thank all the staff at Meadows for everything they did to help Fafnir and I. You couldn't find a better, more caring family feline hospital, trust me. I tried every vet on the Eastside for ten years, and it was either Dr Alan Schreiner or these guys. We wouldn't go anywhere else."

From "D.L." and google:

"My 12-year old cat Ashley was recently seen by Dr. Laura George at Meadows Cat Hospital for a routine teeth cleaning. This included a thorough exam, pre-op blood work followed by the anesthesia. My cat isn't the easiest patient to work with but Dr. George and her very capable staff were able to humanely work with Ashley and return her to me in great shape. I am very appreciative that Dr. George was able to diagnose and recommend treatment for a condition that was revealed through the blood tests and Ashley was able to avoid life-threatening consequences had the illness not been detected. Thank you MCH!!"

From "R. Godding" and Facebook:

"My 17 year old Blue Cream Persian, Misty Blue, spends a lot of time boarding at Meadows Cat Hospital during the summer while I travel. I do believe she now almost prefers the attention and care she gets at Meadows to that at home. Really appreciate the care and attention that she gets at Meadows. Thanks to all of you for making a 2nd home for Misty Blue."

From "M. Silsbee" and Facebook:

"We discovered Meadows Cat Hospital last year and are so happy we did! They are a great place for boarding our kitties when needed and also help us keep them healthy. Very compassionate and excellent care."

From "M. Blundell" and Facebook:

"Quite simply the most capable, caring and supportive team of people you could ask for when seeking veterinary care for your cats!"

From "T. Pierce" and Nextdoor:

Dr. George, her husband/clinic manager, and staff know cats, cat medicine, and feline husbandry! Trust your cat to this vet and her staff. I do. They've invested in the latest equipment, continuing medical education, and a staff of friendly dedicated technicians. They've a wonderful website with lots of general information and offer cat boarding. They definitely show pride of clinic ownership and will be practicing for years to come.

From "K. Baillie" and Nextdoor:

"Dr. George loves cats and is compassionate, knowledgeable and thorough. We are her clients for the length of our kitties lives!"

From "Patricia" and Facebook:

"Couldn’t be any happier with both Dr Georges’. Great staff, wonderful treatment, follow up and the place feels like home!!! All of my fur babies are in the best possible health based on their treatment at Meadows."

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