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Meadows Cat Hospital (MCH) has a rich history as one of the founding pet hospitals in Issaquah and is the only family-owned and operated cat clinic in the area. Originally established by Dr. David Loehndorf in 1990, the cat hospital and its veterinarians have continued on with his steadfast vision and commitment to quality feline veterinary care. Under his leadership, MCH grew to become a service-based and modern cat veterinary center and sanctuary for cats in medical need. This vision was later continued under the leadership of Dr. Jason Laramore who served our clients and patients with dedication and compassion. 

Meadows Cat Hospital

In 2016, our cat clinic has come under the veterinary care and business direction of Dr. Laura L. George and Dr. Nicholas P. George, veterinarian and biochemist respectively. As proud Squak mountain residents of Issaquah, the Georges are ecstatic to continue serving the feline veterinary needs and incredible owners/patients of Meadows Cat Hospital. They are working hard to offer the highest quality veterinary care, individually-tailored, modern and compassionate feline medicine to our feline family members. Together, they have also begun to renew commitments by Meadows Cat Hospital to the community through volunteership, charitable contributions and complimentary veterinarian work. They take their commitment to the community and their feline patients seriously and realize that our cats' needs extend to all hours. As such, they have recently expanded hours and days of availability, added an associate veterinarian, modernized the facility, and now offer urgent care and feline veterinary emergency services. In addition, they have begun working to provide educational resources and helping to spread feline-awareness through seminars and blog posts.

In 2021 we underwent a facility-wide renovation, doubling our square-footage and expanding our capabilities and modernizing all aspects of the hospital making it a safe and modern facility for fur babies and owners-alike. We are also pleased to announce that we have finished our merge with the Cat Clinic of Issaquah and welcome the clientele to our hospital!