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Safe dental care at Meadows Cat Hospital

"A commitment to modern, safe cat dentals"

Meadows Cat Hospital and our exemplary feline veterinarians are committed to offering your cat the most up-to-date standards in feline dental care. We now offer cutting-edge digital dental radiographs (X-rays) that allow us a high-resolution view of the below-gum feline dental problems that may be bothering your cat. These cat dental issues can lead to infection, extreme pain, bone degeneration and the risk of jaw damage during tooth extraction. Feline dental radiographs are quickly becoming the standard for feline dental veterinary care and even if you don't get your cat dental here, always ask your veterinarian what they they are doing to ensure that your feline friend's jaws are safe before, during and after a dental. You can rest assured that by catching feline dental problems earlier than ever before possible, we can prevent pain, suffering and even potentially prolong the life of your kitty! (Proper feline dental cleanings and feline dental health have been linked to longevity of cats and dental disease may contribute to the progression of kidney disease, heart disease and liver disease.)

Along with our rapid digital dental x-rays, we have also invested in a state-of-the-art cat dental processing (cleaning and extraction) unit that allows rapid cleaning and extraction. This means minimal anesthesia time minimizing the risk and impact to your feline's systems. This along with the fact that we employ the safest "human-grade" anesthetics (with pre-anesthetic sedatives that allow us to minimize both the duration and amount of anesthetic gas used) and advanced feline surgical monitoring equipment means we constantly strive to minimize the risks of anesthetic feline dental procedures.

Unlike other veterinarians and cat clinics, we do not do non-anesthetic dentals that employ mild sedatives and always offer safe and effective pain medications (pre and post-dental) to help in feline pain management. With our modern feline dental standards and pain management, many of our cats will return to normal (if not better) eating and drinking habits within hours.

While we cannot understate the importance of your cat's dental health, if you have noticed changes to the eating patterns, behavior, personality, breath or "smile" of your cat, don't hesitate to call! Cat dentals, especially as part of an annual or biannual preventative feline dental schedule, can save money, decrease overall dental pain/discomfort and potentially add years to your cat's life.