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About us

Meadows Cat Hospital and its talented feline veterinarians have proudly served the feline veterinary care needs of Issaquah and Seattle's Greater East Side for almost 30 years. Our husband/wife managed and advanced cat clinic is led by our chief of staff and seasoned feline veterinarian, Dr. Laura L. George, who is an exemplary feline professional with over a decade of experience in feline veterinary medicine, surgery, emergency medicine and dentistry.

At Meadows Cat Hospital, our feline veterinary team and cat clinic is committed to educating our owners on how to keep your feline healthy year-round with quality nutrition, activity and preventative veterinary care. Meadows Cat Hospital offers the latest advances in feline veterinarian approved technology. Above all, our cat clinic champions that all cats need to be treated with loving care in every check-up, procedure, or surgery. Our cat clinic has also recently undergone a renaissance where we have modernized our veterinary care facility with cutting edge digital x-rays, lighting, feline-appropriate lighting and pheromone diffusers and a renewed customer-centric focus. We truly treat every feline like one of our own.