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Senior Cat Care From Meadows Cat Hospital

Senior Cat Care From Meadows Cat Hospital

Senior Cat Care From Your Issaquah Veterinarian

We know your cat is a valued member of your family, and when your feline friend enters the senior years, you want to provide the best possible care to ensure a healthy and active old age. Senior animals require a bit of extra attention to allow them to make the most of their later years. At Meadows Cat Hospital, we can help you understand your senior cat’s needs and can provide the special care he or she requires.

Special Problems of Senior Cats

As cats age, they may have different nutritional needs. Dental issues may require a change of food. They may not be as playful and may put on weight. They may develop health conditions, such as diabetes or arthritis that require medication. Some cats may develop heart disease, kidney disease or thyroid disorders. Your older cat may become deaf or may have vision problems. Gastrointestinal issues and cognitive problems can develop. Lumps or bumps can be cysts or a sign of cancer. These problems can be treated at our veterinary center to ensure your pet can function well, regardless of his or her age.

How You Can Help Your Senior Cat

As a caring owner, you should alert to the signs of aging in your senior cat. Problems eating can indicate dental problems that may need care. Straining during urination can be a sign of a urinary problem. Difficulty with normal movement can be an indication of arthritis. Increased thirst and urination can mean the development of diabetes. More frequent physical exams can help to detect these problems, so they can be properly treated. If you notice any unusual behavior, mention it during the exam, so your vet can investigate the problem more fully. Your local veterinary clinic offers a variety of diagnostic equipment to help the vet determine the source of the problem.

Make Meadows Cat Hospital Your Issaquah Vet for Senior Cat Care

The veterinarians and staff at Meadows Cat Hospital have intensive experience in the treatment of cats and can help your senior cat live a long and satisfying life. We specialize in feline care and can provide diagnose and treatment of common problems. We offer a variety of veterinary services in a caring, compassionate environment, and are dedicated to helping cats at every stage of life. We serve the communities of Issaquah, Sammamish, Bellevue and East Seattle. Our clinic also offers boarding. Call Meadows Cat Hospital today at 425-392-8770 for an appointment to learn about the best ways to care for your senior cat.