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Welcome to Meadows Cat Hospital

We're so happy we can welcome you to the official website for Meadows Cat Hospital, your feline veterinary resource for Issaquah, Sammamish, Bellevue and East Seattle WA. Here you'll find a unique blend of skill, experience, personalized care and advanced expertise in serving our only patients -- cats! Our focus on feline health and wellness gives us special insight into how we can optimize your own cat's quality of life, while the fact that we're the only family-owned and operated cat clinic in Issaquah makes us your natural choice for feline care.

Meet Dr. Laura L. George

Our feline vet, Dr. Laura L. George, is ready to serve as your cat's other best friend. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. George spent the last decade in the fields of small animal medicine, shelter medicine and feline care, managing medical operations for more than 30 Ohio and Washington clinics before creating this vet center exclusively for cats. Dr. George and the rest of our team understand both the physical and the emotional makeup of these special animals, enabling us to provide top-quality feline care in the calm, quiet, supportive environment cats prefer.

A Variety of Veterinary Services for Cats

Meadows Cat Hospital offers a lifetime's worth of veterinary services and techniques to prevent illnesses, treat injuries or chronic conditions, and generally help your cat thrive for many happy years to come. Rely on our vet clinic for such essentials as:

  • Preventative care - Your cat will have a longer, healthier life with the aid of our preventative procedures, including annual wellness exams, pest and parasite prevention, de-worming, vaccinations, and spay or neuter surgery (which can help ward off serious health threats as well as unwanted litters).
  • Surgery - In addition to spay and neuter surgery, our veterinarian can perform such surgical procedures as maxillofacial surgery, tumor removal, abdominal surgery, ear/ear surgery, exploratory surgery and more.
  • Dental Care - Regular dental checkups and thorough cleanings under anesthesia can help your cat maintain a healthy mouth. We can also treat conditions ranging from dental abscesses to oral cancer.
  • Diagnostics - from preventative wellness to getting the facts about a life-threatening problem, our sophisticated diagnostic techniques and technologies (including state-of-the-art digital X-rays) can ensure that we know the exact state of your cat's health, enabling us to provide whatever care he or she may need right away.
  • Senior care - Senior cats are more vulnerable to a variety of health problems, from arthritis and feline tooth resorption ("cat cavities") to kidney failure, thyroid disease and cancer. Our senior care services feature annual wellness exams, medications for chronic pain or other conditions, special diets and other age-related care.
  • Boarding - Our cats-only clinic offers an unparalleled feline boarding experience for those times you must be separated from your cat. We treat our guests to regular meals, plenty of outdoor time and interaction, and quiet, clean spaces featuring their own familiar bedding. It's the next best thing to being at home!

Schedule an Appointment with our Issaquah Veterinarian

We're confident that you'll be excited about what we can do for your cat after you've examined our website in detail. But an even better way to get to know us is for you (and your cat) to meet us in person. Call Meadows Cat Hospital at 425-392-8770 to schedule an initial appointment at our cat clinic today!

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Meet Our Staff

  • Dr.
    Laura L. George

    Hello! My name is Dr. Laura George. I am the medical director and owner of Meadows Cat Hospital. After my graduation from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, I have spent the last decade practicing small animal medicine. Prior to MCH, I ran the medical operations of 30 (+) veterinary hospitals in Ohio and Washington. During this time I trained and mentored doctors through difficult medical cases and complex surgeries. I am now focused exclusively on feline wellness but I have spent the better part of two decades in medicine, shelter medicine and feline awareness. Feline veterinary medicine has always been my calling. I am excited to have recently moved to the Pacific Northwest with my husband, 3 cats (Opal, Onyx and Bailey) and my 5 rescued bearded dragons. At MCH, I hope to introduce you to my strong focus on preventative medicine, internal medicine and advanced surgical expertise.


Veterinary Topics


  • "Over the years I've taken my cats to many places for their healthcare, and never really found a place that I felt comfortable with, until now. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Laramore and his staff. They are a special group of people and I thank them so much for all they have done."
    Mark -
  • "The people at Meadows Cat Hospital are wonderful. My appointments for my cat seem to be last minute and they have always been able to get me in that day. Dr. Jason Laramore is so gentle with her, and the assistants are just as compassionate. I appreciate the time he takes with me and my questions. I always feel my cat is well-cared for here."
    Jenness K. -

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