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  • Senior Cat Care From Meadows Cat Hospital
    Senior Cat Care From Your Issaquah Veterinarian We know your cat is a valued member of your family, and when your feline friend enters the senior years, you want to provide the best Read more
  • Holiday Dangers and Your Fur Baby's Safety
    Holiday dangers and signs and symptoms in cats Read more
  • Inside the Box (Part 1)
    Inside the Box (Part 1)Now that the Holidays are upon us, and we have brought out the Christmas cat-costumes (AKA kitty torture implements), some of us have been horrified to find that Read more
  • 5 Household Cat Dangers
    5 Household Dangers for Your Cat From Your Issaquah Veterinarian At Meadows Cat Hospital, our Issaquah vet center takes so much pride in offering quality cat care to East Seattle, Sammamish, Bellevue, and the Read more
  • Importance of Regular Check-Ups for Your Feline Friend
    The Importance of Regular Check-Ups for Your Feline Friend From Your Issaquah Veterinarian Like any responsible adult, you know that you need to go to your dentist and doctor for regular checkups. But sometimes, Read more
  • 5 Things Every Kitten Owner Should Know
    5 Things Every Feline Owner Should Know About KittensHave you welcomed a new kitten into your home, or are you about to adopt a kitten? Congratulations are in order! A feline makes Read more
  • Love or Hate, It's Up to You!
    Love or Hate, It's Up to You!Sometimes it’s easy... You adopt that adorable and cuddly kitten and it becomes an integral part of your family. Over the years, that kitten Read more
  • (Thinking) Inside the Box (Part 2)
    (Thinking) Inside the Box (Part 2)One of the biggest realities to understanding inappropriate elimination, is that there are as many physical components as there are emotional ones. In addition to this, there is Read more
  • Don't Stress Out While Doctoring Out!
    Don't Stress Out While Doctoring Out!One of the most stressful things for us (the fur-baby guardians) is going to the dentist or doctor. It’s no surprise that many of our Read more
  • Welcome to Meadows Cat Hospital!
    Welcome to Our Cat Hospital in Issaquah!Serving East Seattle, Sammamish, Bellevue and Issaquah cat owners, Meadows Cat Hospital specializes in providing the best veterinary care for your beloved feline companion. Run by Dr. Read more
  • Dentures are not for pets!
    Dentures are not for pets!We’ve all been there… The sound of the drill, your racing pulse, the cold sweats and then some serious second thoughts and finally a palpable desire Read more
  • Help Us Help Kitty
    Help Us Help KittyIn the hustle and bustle of life it's easy to miss the small things. Be they where you put the keys or a post-work trip to the supermarket--Let's face Read more