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Flea and Parasite Prevention

At Meadows Cat Hospital we offer safe and effective feline topical flea preventation and treatments for fleas and internal parasites. Ironically, the most common demographic of feline that gets fleas and comes into our hospital for the first time are indoor cats. These indoor cats are statistically least likely to be on flea prevention and due to the unique climate and active lifestyles (or presence of dogs in the household) or simple visits to pet stores where animals frequent with owners, most cats in the Issaquah, Sammamish and Bellevue areas are at high risk of fleas. At Meadows Cat Hospital, our trained feline veterinarians only recommend effective and safe treatments that kill fleas. Older injectable treatments merely disrupt flea reproduction while fleas will gladly continue to thrive and feast on your feline until they happily die of old age. This continued biting can lead to severe flea bite allergies and ingestion of fleas/flea eggs which further may lead to tapeworms. For this reason, treatments that don't kill fleas are not recommended by our feline veterinarians. Increasingly, we are also finding that over-the-counter flea preventatives are ineffective for long-term control. In addition, over-the-counter products don't necessarily meet the stringent prescription standards and are sometimes misused with felines causing significant and life-threatening reactions. Therefore, we strongly recommend proven and safe prescription topical feline flea prevention and offer attractive volume discounts for year-round or multi-cat treatments. Even with the most extensive cleaning and treatment it can be extremely difficult to rid your home of fleas, so we always recommend a minimum of 90 days continuous flea prevention to "starve out" any fleas that can be living and breeding in your carpets or furniture. One dose of flea treatment is rarely enough.

In addition to our topical flea and tick preventatives, we offer a number of topical preventatives that are effective for internal parasites. These preventatives target and help prevent a number of feline parasites like hookworms, roundworms, etc. These are especially helpful for indoor/outdoor kitties that like to bring home living or dead "presents". Our trained feline veterinarians can help assess the risk and lifestyle of your kitty and guide you in making the right decisions for your kitty's preventative needs.